Massage & Bodywork.

Massage & Bodywork.

Relaxation. Structural. Myofascial. Chakra Energy. Triggerpoint. ----- Find Balance In All Things.

FEATHER (Swedish)
Find rest & relaxation with a soothing massage designed to ease tension while increasing circulation & lymph flow, allowing the tissues to breathe.
30 min = $40       60 min = $70       90 min = $100

ROOT (Deep Tissue)
Access the deeper layers of stress with deep muscle, neuromuscular and connective tissue techniques, easing the chronic muscle tension patterns.
60 min = $70       90 min = $100 = $100

RIVER (Myofascial Release) 
Release restrictions in the fascia (fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and interconnects whole body), allowing for a more fluid body movement.
60 min = $70      90 min = $100

WING (Sports Massage)
Watch your performance soar to new heights with this awakening muscle therapy whether its pre- or post-event.
30 min = $40       60 min = $70       90 min = $100

BALANCE (Chakra Balancing)
Experience specific oil blends, gemstones, meditations and strokes to open and balance your chakras; leaving your feet grounded & spirit soaring.
60 min = $70      90 min = $100

RHYTHM (Shiatsu)
Styled after Japanese Shiatsu technique using slow rhythmic compressions to increase flow and balance to the meridians (energy channels), muscles, joints & organs.
60 min = $70      90 min = $100

FLIGHT (Thai Yoga Massage)
Styled after Thai yoga massage, this treatment is on a floor mat. Therapist moves client into stretches while applying compressions along the meridians (energy channels); releasing restrictions, increasing flexibility & energy flow.
60 min = $70      90 min = $100

WORKPLACE (Chair Massage)
Whether the moral of the workplace is slipping or you just want to show some employee appreciation, workplace massage is a wonderful way to up the production and the moral in the workplace. Happy Faces create Happy Places. Details of this service: Therapist brings portable massage chair to workplace and employer arranges a schedule (prior to visit) of employees to receive clothed chair massages (usually 15 min intervals). Therapist supplies chair, music, cleaners, creams, etc.
Minimum- 2 hours; Maximum- 6 hours+30 min break(free of charge).   $90/hour.

** Aromatherapy &/or Hot Towels are included in each session unless you prefer without.