Takara Howard

Nationally Board Certified
Licensed Medical Massage & Bodywork Therapist
Yoga Instructor

"My vision is to bring balance, hope, comfort and emotional sunlight into the lives of others through the touch of massage and the practice of yoga."

Takara is a native of Southwestern Virginia, and it was here that she found her passion. She attended Blue Ridge School of Massage & Yoga; where she received her certificate in both medical massage therapy as well as ashtanga styled yoga. The blue ridge mountains are a beauty in themselves, just as her little massage school was. Intimate/small classes were valued, allowing lots of teacher-student time & instruction. She later attended Southwest Institute of Healing Arts near Phoenix, Arizona; she & her husband are now settled in the little neighborhood of Sugar House in Salt Lake City, Utah.

With a background in art & design, Takara views massage therapy as an art. Her passion lies in the artwork of sculpting a massage & bodywork session specific for each of her client's needs & energies. She loves the sharing of energy and evidence of progress; manipulating the soft tissue in a way that can ease the tension of postural holding patterns helping her clients find relief from pain, allowing them a more fluid body movement. Her hope is that she can bring positive light into your day by being present in her work. Let's use the power of touch to help you find balance and elevate your spirit.